HR Specialist

Job description

HR Specialist is responsible for payroll and C&B, social security to the relevant authorities and HR Administration and reports to HR Manager directly.

● Calculate and control salary, bonus and social security.

● Prepare employee contracts.

● Deduct all deductibles i.e., advance payments, loans, the contribution of staff’s complementary medical insurance, etc. from staff salary.

● Enter all payroll data into HRS System.

● Ensure payment of social security to the relevant authorities before the end of next month.

● Collect the required information of new staff i.e., social security No., ID No., for enrolling them into payroll system.

● Coordinate in implementing training sessions.

● Prepare a weekly report based on the employee data on hiring, leaves and etc.

Job requirements

● At least 2 years of related experience in payroll and HR Administration.

● Solid understanding of accounting fundamentals.

● Having a solid knowledge of labor laws.

● Proficient in MS Office and good knowledge of relevant software and databases.

● Good with numbers and can be trusted with sensitive information.

● Having experience in complementary insurance and its procedures.

● Ability to prepare reports using techniques and statistical charts.

● Great communication skills.

● Able to prioritize and multitask effectively.