Data Engineer

Job description

The Data Engineer is responsible for developing and testing architectures that enable data extraction and transformation for predictive or prescriptive modeling. The data engineer is also responsible for implementing different methods to improve data reliability and quality.

Potential Roles and Responsibilities

  • Analyze and organize raw data
  • Build data systems and pipelines
  • Prepare data for prescriptive and predictive modeling
  • Combine raw information from different sources
  • Explore ways to enhance data quality and reliability
  • Collaborate with data scientists, data analyst and architects on several projects

Job requirements

  • MS/BS in Software engineering, IT, or similar fields
  • Previous experience as a data engineer or in a similar role
  • knowledge of scalable data infrastructure and understand distributed systems concepts
  • Strong knowledge and experience of programming languages (Java, Scala and Python) to handle large volume data processing
  • Strong knowledge and experience of SQL, database design, understanding ETL, data modeling and data warehousing